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A Reliant Love by Taylor Lavati Review

Posted on Jan 24, 2016 by in review |

A Reliant Love Book Cover A Reliant Love
A Reliant Love #1
Taylor Lavati
New Adult
20th June 2014

Nathalie Carter wants one thing: independence. She has paid her dues by living at home under her parents’ watchful eyes, earning grades to give her a ticket out and joining clubs she had no interest in to get into college. She plans to experience things she believes every new adult should—from falling in love to playing beer pong and pulling an all-nighter to skipping class because she’s too hungover. But nothing ever seems to go as planned, and she gets pulled into a world she never imagined existed.

Samuel Torrington’s past refuses to release him from its vise-like grip; but he has a plan, and once his senior year of college is over, he can finally move away and start anew. His addictions help him get through day-to-day life, but he’s constantly battling darker demons.

Fate brings the two together, and chance takes them on a roller coaster ride that neither would dare hop off. Within destiny’s grasp, they realize there are two things impossible to fight—addiction and attraction.

What I Thought


WOW! Emotional, edgy, sometimes dark but true to life and I was hooked.

Nathalie Carter is a freshman, moving into her own place, off campus, to finally gain some independance away from her parents clutches. She wants to experience college parties, guys and classes whilst hungover. All paid for with her own money, saved from her job growing up. Moving into her own place the day before starting college has Nathalie all sorts of stressed out. As a person who hates to be late, the next day she’s undeniably feeling harrassed at not being able to find somewhere to park, leaving her late for her first class. Upon rushing to get there, she stumbles and cuts up her knees. Nathalie is upset, that is until the sexiest man she has ever seen appears and helps her up.

Sam Torrington is all kinds of messed up. He hates his life and where he is at. He just wants to finish his last year of college and get away from this town and all the people around him. Trying to run away from a past that will forever haunt him. Until Sam can get away, he relies on drugs to just keep him numb and unfeeling. Unable to think about the things that haunt him. Sam see’s Nathalie stumble, upon helping her up there is an instant connection. Sam knows he is bad knews and should keep away from innocent Nathalie, but his heart and his mouth just aren’t in agreement with each other and he ends up asking her out to breakfast.

Nathalie doesn’t understand why one of her new best friends tries to tell her to keep away from Sam and why Sam appears to anger and disgust him. There’s clearly something that has happened in the past. As things progress between Nathalie and Sam, Pete just can’t let it go, telling her to keep away from addict, loser Sam. Too late. Nathalie has fallen hard and fast. 

She’s left wondering though, why exactly does Pete harbour so much hatred for Sam? What has gone down between the love of her life and her best friend? Will Nathalie come to regret finding out?

I think the fact that Taylor wrote the story from Sam and Nathalie’s points of view earns big bonus points for this book. Reading of Sam’s struggles and determination to kick the drugs himself, naively ignoring the hold he knows addiction can have on you. From Nathalie’s point of view, reading that she thinks she can help Sam on her own. That her love is enough to help him overcome his addiction. Yes some people reading may think ” What a naive girl ” but when you think about it hard, and with the help of Taylor’s emotional story, a lot of people probably think their love alone is enough to help in real life. Not realising how hard it actually is to fight. Especially if you haven’t faced addiction yourself, your blind to how strong that pull to whatever the addiction is to, is. A Reliant Love portrays the struggles of everyday real life perfectly in my eyes. It’s heartbreaking but real and is suprisingly refreshing to read. 

The characterization of Sam really pulled at my heartstrings and I just wanted to reach into the book, give him a huge squeeze and try to help him myself. I loved Nathalie, at first she comes across as so young and slightly immature but throughout the story, she grows into a tough, determined little lady. I routed for her throughout, wanting her love to be enough to help Sam. 

We are treated to a lengthy story from Taylor.  The pacing is right on par with the descriptive flow of the story. Smoothly done throughout.  I was at the end before I knew it. It was destined to be a long book to assist in understanding the angst and turmoil Sam and Nathalie endured. 

This story is totally full of feels. Humour, guilt, love, deceipt, despair, anger, like I said it’s full. Literally an emotional rollercoaster, but one that you don’t want to get off of. I can’t imagine how Taylor managed to write such a heartfelt story! I would be a big blubbering mess. 

The ending totally knocked my legs from right under me. I did not expect that ending one bit! 

Now if you will excuse me…… I’m off to read Finding Sam. Book #2 in the A Reliant Love series. Thanks for a great read Taylor 🙂



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