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Beautiful Criminal By Shady Grace Review

Posted on Aug 11, 2015 by in review |

Beautiful Criminal Book Cover Beautiful Criminal
Shady Grace
Lyrical Press
June 9, 2015

Long days, precious nights… Mima Etu lives a quiet life with her sled dogs in the stunning Canadian Rockies. But that all changes when she stumbles upon a plane crash while out on a supply run. She’s shocked to discover the pilot is still alive—though barely. With the sun setting and the temperatures quickly dropping, Mima knows he’d never survive the trip to the nearest hospital. So she takes the stranger back to her cabin. As he heals, his vague answers to Mima’s questions about the flight tell her he has secrets. But more disturbing is the consuming, immediate attraction she senses between them. Before he lost control of his Cessna and plunged into a pilot’s hell, Gabriel Miller was on a deadly mission with precious cargo. Now he’s awakened in the comfort of a log cabin with a gorgeous woman tending to his every need. Her soft-spoken beauty sparks his longing for a different kind of life….and it isn’t long before they surrender to a blazing passion. But their blissful days are numbered. For the owners of the cargo are bent on finding Gabriel—and once they do, they don’t intend to leave any witnesses behind.

What I Thought


So this is going to be a short review. It was a short book at 73 pages. Usually I could read 73 pages in a matter of hours. This book took me two days. I just couldn’t connect. Now I really don’t like to write a negative review, I feel bad in doing so, but thats the point of the blog right?! Not every book in the genre’s I enjoy are going to do it for me obviously. I know that but it is such a shame. When I saw the cover I was like……..Nice! I read the synopsis and was instantly interested. My kind of plot! Hot bad boy! Steamy erotic romance! Bring it on!

When Mima Etu and her friend, Mary, are out on a run with their dog sleds they come across a plane that has  crashed. Upon checking for passengers they discover the pilot, unconcious and bloodied, but alive. Due to the severe snow, there is no way to get a rescue chopper to airlift him to hospital so they decide to take the unconscious pilot back to Mima’s to nurse him back to health. After spending days caring for him, Mima feels connected to the pilot, even though she knows that as soon as he’s well he will probably take off.

When Gabriel (Gabe) Miller wakes up after his plane crash and realizes that he’s not in a hospital or jail he’s instantly wary. He knows he needs to get back to his plane to check on his cargo but the weather and his injuries prevent him from doing so. He also needs to radio in to his boss but he can’t let Mima hear what he is saying and she is always around.

The connection between these two is immediate, and even though they think that nothing can come from it, when they give in to their attraction it’s explosive. Of course, it leaves them both wanting more. Gabe knows that Mima is too good for him and Mima knows that Gabe is keeping secrets that she probably doesn’t want to know about, but that doesn’t stop them from falling for each other.

Meanwhile Gabe’s boss wants Gabe and his cargo found immediately. Gabe’s colleague, Ben, who happens to really dispise him, takes on the mission to find them. Will Gabe’s criminal past and present be to much for Mima to take? Will Mima be caught in the crossfire? And just what is that precious cargo?

Beautiful Criminal did have a good writing style. It is written from a mulitple point of view, which I actually did like, it was good to get into the heads of the other characters involved. Shady Grace is descriptive in her writing style but this story was just so rushed. I think if the book was a lot longer it would of been a really good read. As soon as something started, it was over and past straight away.

I did like the sex scene, it was nice to read of a female taking the lead but with the story being so short we were only really treated to one scene. This was a shame, because with the insta-attraction, then love between Mima and Gabe, these scenes could of been really hot!

As the book was so fast paced, it made some scenes seem wrong to me. Allowing someone, that she thought upon sight looked dangerous, to be in her home, then having sex with him within days, knowing nothing about him and why he was attempting to fly a plane in such crazy weather, just seemed crazy and unrealistic.

There is no doubt that Shady Grace is a talented writer, but this book would of benefited from being longer in my eyes. It was rushed and lacking due to being squashed into 73 pages. It was slightly anticlimatic for me.


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