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Confessions Of A Virgin Sex Columnist by Kay Marie Review

Posted on Nov 8, 2015 by in review |

Confessions Of A Virgin Sex Columnist Book Cover Confessions Of A Virgin Sex Columnist
Confessions #1
Kay Marie
Kay Marie
18th May 2015

From bestselling author Kaitlyn Davis, writing as Kay Marie, comes a new adult romantic comedy about a girl who'll soon discover that some secrets can't be kept forever, especially those of the heart.

My name is Skylar Quinn. I just moved to New York with my best friend Bridget, and I have a confession. Well, more than one. Okay, quite a few really. Fine, here goes!

Confession #1: I'm a sex columnist. Hold on, that's not really the confession. You see, I'm sort of a columnist.

Confession #2: I'm kind of in love with Bridget's older brother, Oliver. No, I was. No, I am. Wait, was? Am? Crap.

Confession #3: I've been avoiding Oliver for four years. Or I was until today, because he just moved in. Yes, you read that correctly. He's my new roommate. So that night we've both been pretending never happened, well, we might not be able to keep it a secret any longer.

And trust me, this is only the beginning

What I Thought


Apologies about my gushing, but I loved, LOVED this book! 

We start off with Skylar Quinn coming home, mid panic attack, knowing she needs to tell her best friend Bridget the truth. That during a drunken game of ‘never have I ever’ whilst at college when she said she was no longer a virgin, she did in fact lie. Now that lie is coming back to bite her in the butt as she has just been offered a full time job, writing her own column. A sex and dating column. After pushing through and admitting everything to her friend, who kept silent throughout the whole confession, when they speak, humiliation washes over Skye as she discovers it wasn’t Bridget she just confessed to but Bridget’s brother, Oliver McDonough. The person she had loved since forever! The person she has avoided seeing for four years after something that happened, What is it that happened?

Oliver is in New York after taking a sous chef job at a restaurant and will be staying with his sister and Skye until he finds his own place. Ollie has grown up being best friends with his sister and Skye. He has always loved to push and tease Skye if he knows she is hiding something until she breaks and confesses.


“You know” Ollie says in a hesitant voice, stretching his arms over his head. Terror floods my system as I wait for his next words. “I have to stop by the restaurant tomorrow morning.”

I breathe a sigh of relief.

“So?” Bridget asks.

“Better make mine,” he pauses, letting the words hang there for a moment. But he wouldn’t… He won’t… Oh, but he would. And he will.

“A virgin.”

No. I will not let him do this to me again.

But then I feel the heat of his gaze from across our shrinking kitchen. “You know the plane I flew today was really amazing. Outstanding snacks. Great service. But I can’t remember the name of the company. It was Atlantic…something Atlantic…”

“Virgin Atlantic?” Bridget supplies as she searches for the blender. My stomach leaps into my chest, flipping like a freaking Olympic gymnast. “Yeah I heard they were great.”

“Yeah, they were playing this special on that singer, Madonna – you know, the Madonna?”

I refuse to give in.


I won’t do it.

“And – “

“Okay, okay!” I scream. “Bridget, I’m a virgin. I’m a virgin sex columnist. I’m a total professional sham. Are you happy now Ollie?”


Skye starts her new job, and it is made clear straight away that she was hired because she is plain. Not like her other colleagues within the fashion section of her place of work. Skye is under pressure to write the column with no experience and with the help of Bridget. Her boss tells her she needs to find a boyfriend. So she and Bridget embark on trying out various ways to find Skye a guy. 

Eventually Skye meets someone, all the while trying to keep Ollie out of her mind. The more time Skye spends with her boyfriend, Patrick, the more distance seems to appear between her and Ollie. Just what is that guys problem? What happened between him and Skye years ago? And will Skye ever lose that virginity?

This book is LAUGH OUT LOUD funny!! It had me cracking up and smiling so much throughout, that I got cheek ache! I knew from the very beginning, from the very first chapter that I was going to enjoy this book. 

The book is written from the female point of view. I love Kay Marie’s writing style. Descriptive, quirky and a whole lot of fun. I liked that each chapter started with a confession from Skye, in-keeping with the plot of the story.

It is obvious that the friendship between Skye, Ollie and Bridget as they grew up was fun and close and that they all have each others backs. They all know everything about each other, which adds to making this an entertaining read. 

Skye’s character was slightly nerdy and shy but she also knew how to push herself past her bounderies. Alot of people could totaly relate to Skye, socially awkward, doesn’t know how to flirt. True to life personality. I loved her clumsy moments to. We witnessed Skye growing up throughout the story but it no way came across in a childish way. And Ollie…. Well just swoon. No more words needed.

I had to read this book in one sitting, I couldn’t stop reading. I had a book hangover the next day but totally worth it!! 

A hilarious, refreshing, light read that was so very enjoyable 🙂 A five star, well in my blogs case, five sweet read!


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