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Cowboy Games by Audrey Randall Blurb Reveal

Posted on Nov 15, 2016 by in Promotion |

Cowboy Games, a standalone erotic romance, will be riding onto your Kindle January 9th!

Be sure to lasso it now while it’s just 99 cents! The price will be going up after release!




“Frack! This can’t be right!” Lana tapped on the GPS screen on her fun little rental car. Pulling to the side of the deserted Montana road, Lana couldn’t help but take a look at the beauty outside. It would have seemed more beautiful if she hadn’t felt so lost. There were places that seemed okay to be lost and this was not one of them. No one or anything discernable of civilization within eyesight. Pulling out her phone, she noticed that she had no bars.

“Frackity frack frack frack! For the love of Zelda!” Opening the car door, she stepped out to see if she could get any bars at all. A part of her knew that it wouldn’t make any difference, but it didn’t stop her from trying. No more bars appeared, which led Lana to make the conclusion that she would have to trust the GPS. It was that or turn back. And since she knew there was nothing for fifty miles behind her, she figured that her bladder would rather she try to move forward.

She knew that she had been taking a risk traveling out here to meet her longtime online friend, Solar Dragon. Even now, she couldn’t believe that she had trekked out to the middle of nowhere to meet this person. Lana had met a lot of people through The Celestial Prophesy, but few she had connected with like Solar Dragon. Not in a romantic sense, but as a kindred friend. She had never met him before, but, but it really didn’t matter. When she had told him of her and Steph’s plan to make a camp for underprivileged girls to learn coding and experience life, he had suggested that she consider his Montana ranch. He had played up how the girls could learn to ride horses, lasso, and code, all in one week. When Lana had mentioned it to Steph, she had loved the idea. So, here she was in the middle of nowhere to scope this ranch out.

“Great idea, Lana. World class idea to come out to the middle of nowhere to meet a guy you really don’t know. What if he’s an ax murderer?” Looking over her shoulder at the road traveled, her bladder insisted that she move forward toward hopefully, a bathroom. If she didn’t find civilization soon, she’d be squatting for sure.

Getting back in the car, she huffed as she resigned herself to trusting the car GPS that she hoped had been upgraded in the last year. “Should have downloaded the directions on your phone before you left, dummy!” She pounded the steering wheel with her palm before she pulled the mustang back onto the desolate highway.




“What the fuck are you doing, Cody?” Jesse couldn’t help but laugh as he watched his seventeen-year-old brother race around the house throwing things this way and that. “Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the cleaning, but why now? What’s your rush?”

“She’s coming!” Cody let out almost a boyish squeal as he loaded up his arms with clothes and other random junk that had been lying around.

Jesse followed his brother’s mad dash into their bachelor pad like kitchen. Jesse rarely understood his younger brother. Cody had always been more… geeky. Preferring to spend time on his computer rather than riding the range with Jesse. Often Jesse felt bad for Cody. He was born in the wrong place. He would have been much better suited in the Silicon Valley rather than Somewhere Valley, Montana. After the sudden death of their parents when Cody was fourteen, Jesse had hoped that he could find a way to bridge their gap of personalities, but no such luck.

“Fuck! She’s almost here and it looks like this?!” Cody whined.

Jesse meandered into the kitchen after Cody and had to admit that the kitchen had seen better days. Half empty glasses on the counter, dishes piled in the sink, and the cabinets left open. Jesse gave a grunt in agreement as he moved to close the cabinets. Cody quickly started filling the dishwasher with the dirty dishes when the roar of a car engine could be heard.

Cody pulled the frilly yellow curtains that their mother had hung above the sink years ago and let out a dismayed squawk. “She’s HERE!”


Cowboy Games, Riding onto your Kindle January 9th


Pre-order available now

(99 cents- Price will be raised after release so order now!)-

Property of Audrey Randall




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