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For The Love Of Hockey by Taylor Lavati Release Tour and Review

Posted on Jan 6, 2016 by in Release Day Blitz, review |

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Lindsay Wilson has spent her entire life protecting her five younger siblings. At eighteen, she knew the man she’d devote her life to, but when he left her, her passion dimmed. Engrossing herself in her small business and jumping from guy to guy could only distract her for so long.

Finn Jacobs chose his dream of playing professional hockey over the girl he loved. Year after year he competed, throwing himself into the game. After an injury that could end his career for good, he begins to question his decision all those years ago.

Six years later, Lindsay and Finn’s paths cross yet again. The reunion is less than ideal, both unhappy and unfulfilled in their personal lives. Lindsay’s barriers begin to crumble as Finn discovers she’s not the same girl he left behind. They try to avoid each other, but sometimes life forces you to face your past mistakes to make them right. Can their love survive a second chance?

In this inspiring tale of true love and loss, Finn and Lindsay discover each other and find their forever.

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“I avoided you for six years, so I can do it again.”

“What if I don’t let you this time?”

“It’s not your choice, Finn. You made yours a long time ago. You left me after I gave you everything. Sorry, I don’t want to be friends. I don’t want to be anything. I want to get through my brother’s wedding and move on. Okay? Do you understand?”

“Yeah, Linds. I understand. I don’t agree, though.”

“Well, I don’t care what you think.”

“Let me be there for you. I won’t push for anything more than friends, but I want to know you again.” I sounded like a baby, but I needed to know her. It was this nagging urge that always lived in the back of my head and now that she was in front of me, my career was shit, and I had more time to think, I seriously regretted ever letting her go. I just wanted to know who she was now. Being a stranger to Lindsay was like not knowing myself. I never really felt complete.

“Finn, stop. Don’t you get that this hurts me, too? Just seeing you makes me feel like I’m going to puke.”

“Stop being dramatic.” I rolled my eyes at her. “I highly doubt that I literally make you sick. I’m not that terrible looking.”

She shot me a glare that I so wanted to see. I had missed the angry looks that weren’t really angry. She was a big faker, a drama queen. I loved getting her a little frazzled just to see how far those buttons could be pushed. She was more honest, and it got her relaxed. She needed to step out of her shell and drop some of her walls.

“You’re pretty bad, though,” she joked.

“Friends, Linds? Is that too much to ask?”

“Yeah, Finn. It is.”

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Taylor Lavati is a twenty-something year old author residing in a small town in Connecticut with her husband and dog. She writes both Young Adult and New Adult romances with ranging genres from fantasy, A Curse Books trilogy, to dark romance, A Reliant Love. When not writing, she enjoys playing video games, hiking, and spending time with family.

Romance with a bit of CHAOS.

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What I Thought


Boy did this book fill me with the warm and fuzzies!! I adored Finn and Lindsay’s story! I am now conflicted on which couple I loved more. Luke and Maggie from For The Love Of Ash or Finn and Lindsay from For The Love Of Hockey. Luckily, Luke, Maggie and Asher all featured in this story, so I got my fill of them too!

I would personally recommend reading For The Love Of Ash before starting this story so you know the back story of the secondary characters in this book. And why wouldn’t you want to anyway, I can say without a doubt, this is a brilliant series. 

Finn and Lindsay’s story is one of a second chance at romance. Finn and Lindsay were highschool sweethearts, but at eighteen, Finn broke Lindsay’s heart and left her devastated, ending the relationship before leaving for a career in hockey. Finn didn’t want to pull Lindsay away from her family to follow his career wherever it took him incase something happened and she couldn’t be there and came to resent him for it. Lindsay was the mother figure to her siblings. Trying to protect them from an abusive father and drunken mother. Lindsay didn’t know this was why Finn ended things with her though and held so much resentment towards Finn as a result. She thought their lives were planned out together.

Six years later, after avoiding Finn as much as possible, Finn and Lindsay are thrown together as they are both participating in Luke and Maggie’s wedding and are both helping with the planning. Lindsay being maid of honour for Maggie, Finn being co-best man for Luke, as one of his best friends, but also factoring in that Luke is Lindsay’s brother. 

Finn has always regretted his decision of leaving Lindsay behind and makes it known, But Lindsay isn’t interested, claiming she hates Finn. Finn is determind to win his highschool sweetheart back though. Can Finn earn Lindsay’s forgiveness? Can Lindsay let go of the heartbreak from six years ago?  

Finn…….Swoon!! I loved his determination to win his woman back. Despite a few slaps across the face, he just kept on trying. I liked his humour and cheeky attitude…….

“Whatever. I did. Happy?” She sighed. “If I promise not to flaunt Paul in your face, you promise not to kiss me?”

S*t. It was a truce I really didn’t want to give in to. I wanted to kiss her more and I knew I’d get under her skin just long enough to make her remember how much she loved me. Just staring at her right then made my hands itch to touch her. 

“Deal,” I said. Little did she know, my fingers were crossed behind my back. If I ever got an opportunity to kiss her, I’d take it. No question. Any chances with Lindsay were mine to seize. 

Finn wasn’t afraid to show his emotions and didn’t hide the fact that he wanted Lindsay back from anyone. He was a very determined fella!

Lindsay was more reserved when it came to Finn. Or actually I would say cautious. After looking after her siblings, putting everyone before herself, I was on the edge of my seat, biting my nails, hoping that Lindsay would give Finn another chance. Allow herself a shot at a happy future. Despite the fact these two had grown up alot over the six years apart, their deep rooted feelings remained just as intense. 

Taylor has produced yet another emotional five sweet read in my opinion. Writing from both sides of the story, giving insight in to Finn and Lindsay’s thought processes, true feelings on the inside and their turmoil. Taylor’s writing is so descriptive, it feels like real life not a story. Like you are right there along with the characters for the ride. Reading Taylor’s books, you are drawn in to the characters emotions and feelings, like you know them, you forget that they are fictional ha ha. 

I feel so involved with the For The Love series. The Wilson family background breaks my heart and I just want to bash the heads of their mother and father. I CANNOT WAIT for Lily’s story!

Overall an emotional story, with ups and downs. Twists and turns. Family abuse. Hot sexy times. And hot sporty men. There is a whole lot happening in this story and you are addicted from the very first page. I love Taylor Lavati!





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