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Hail Mary by Nicola Rendell Blog Tour

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At a boxing gym in Chicago, Mary Monahan accidentally knocks out the most handsome man she’s ever met. After she wakes him up with a few slaps and some smelling salts, the very first thing he does is ask her out for ribs and beer. His name is Jimmy. He looks like a Gillette model. And he’s just too hunky to resist.

Jimmy “The Falcon” Falconi is mystified that Mary has absolutely no idea who he is. Mystified and refreshed. He is, after all, not your everyday NFL quarterback. He shops at Costco, has a soft spot for Pinterest, and is in the midst of an epic losing streak.

Jimmy falls for Mary fast and hard, the way he does everything—balls out and like it’s fourth and long. And he realizes he’s finally met his match. That stamina he’s so proud of? Doesn’t stand a chance against her Kegels.

But what they don’t know is she’s also his new physical therapist, recently hired by the Bears to work on his rotator cuff…and groin injury. If she can’t help him, he’ll be traded faster than they can say “offensive penetration.”

In spite of the thousands of internet memes featuring Jimmy’s face with captions like: “HEY GIRL, WANT TO TOUCH MY BALLS?” Mary finds herself falling for him and his unrelenting desire to make her his.

Until a toddler shows up at Jimmy’s door.

And throws their lives into total chaos.


To the reader: Contents includes love, sweetness, naughtiness, honey, champagne, and an HEA. Safe.



With her hand in mine, I hail a cab on Fullerton. She isn’t saying much, and I like that. I like talking to her, getting dirty, watching her lose her words. Because I’ll tell you what, I’m planning on her losing a shitload more than that before I’m done with her. Losing everything to me. That’s the fucking plan.
The cabbie pulls off to the other side of the road a little way up from us and puts on his hazards to tell us he’s waiting. As we head for the crosswalk, I kick aside a drift from one of the plows, but it’s unsteady footing, icy and slick. As she begins to slip, her grip on my hand tightens.
“That’s enough of that,” I tell her, and scoop her up into my arms, newlywed-style.
She squeals and hangs on tight. She fits fucking perfectly in my arms, and I love the way she feels tight against me. Her fingers slip past my collar, and her fingernails dig gently into the back of my neck. “I can walk,” she says, mostly to my mouth. Then she raises her eyes. “It was just slippery.”
I don’t answer right away. I don’t want to come on too strong. I don’t want to scare her, but I don’t want there to be any fucking mistake at all about what I want or how I plan to get it. “I know you can. I’m sure you can do pretty much everything.”
Her eyes glisten, and I hoist her up a little higher in my arms. The walk signal starts flashing its hand as we get to the other curb. “I’m no shrinking violet.”
“Good. Because I’m going to need you to come strong for me tonight.”
Her body reacts before her face does, her back arching under my hand, that bend so delicate under my palm.
“Multiple times. Loudly.”
She presses her face to my chest and moans out what sounds like, “Who are you?”
“And you’re going to tell me what you like and how you like it. We’re not going to fuck around. Communication, pussycat. That’s the key.”
There go her words again. I’m getting to know that glaze in her eye, disoriented with desire. “And what about you?”
Now we’re even with the cab, but I’ve still got some things she needs to know. “I don’t come until you do. At least twice.”
She’s got no answer for that, so I bring her chin up toward me, stretching her pretty neck out with my thumb on her jaw. “You hear me?”
She nods. She breathes. She blinks.
“That’s how it’s going to go.”
“I think I can handle that.”
I laugh, sending a plume of steam out of my nose. This girl has no idea how badly I want her. How badly I need her. How fucking hard I am already to get inside her. “Yeah? You think so? You think you can handle me?”
Her eyes widen a little. “I think so,” she whispers.
Then I let her slip from my arms, such a fucking shame, but I’m not about to let her open her own door. As she gets into the cab—on the street side, the safe side—I say into her ear, “We’ll just see about that.”






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 What I Thought

Hail Mary is an adorable and sexy, sports, insta-love, rom-com, with as it states in the synopsis, a happily ever after.

From the moment Mary knocks Jimmy on his ass, he is addicted. The attraction is mutual though and things move fast for these two characters.

After leaving an abusive relationship behind, Mary is wary, but there is something about Jimmy that she just cannot stay away from. In the beginning Mary doesn’t realise that Jimmy is the starting quarterback for NFL team, The Chicago Bears and Jimmy loves this. That he is getting a piece of normalcy.  That is until the locker room the day after they meet…..

When Jimmy sees Mary enter his locker room, his feet are thrown from under him, literally, resulting in angering a past injury and introducing Mary as the new Therapist, to tend to injuries that are ruining his game play. Jimmy is going through a rough patch with his career, but he needs things to turn around, he has a 3 year old niece relying on him, due to his deadbeat twin brother not taking care of her properly and using the fact that she is Jimmy’s weakness, to get money out of him for drugs, drink and gambling.

Initially, Mary tries not to let the fact that Jimmy is a hot shot famous guy deter her, but after some harsh words during an uncomfortable first meeting with the family, from Jimmy’s twin brother, Mary’s eyes are opened to the internet and Jimmy’s playboy ways. Something she wants nothing to do with and she quickly flees.

Jimmy is determined to show Mary that he isn’t what the Internet portrays him as anymore. He really likes this girl and is unwilling to let her go without a fight. Can Jimmy persuade Mary he really is different now or is it too late? And can he turn his game around and be the football star everyone once loved, ever again? 

In the beginning I was unsure of what to think of Hail Mary. I was waiting for something to happen. I felt a connection to the characters and could feel the suspense of the storyline building up and was so glad I persevered and read the whole book because I ended up loving it and Jimmy immensely. 

Both characters are actually quite adorable and there wasn’t one thing I didn’t like about either of them. Mary proved she was a strong character after leaving her abusive ex and taking up boxing as a form of self protection. Jimmy is perfect boyfriend material, a softy, romantic, willing to do ANYTHING for his woman. In the bedroom though……holy hot pants. Jimmy transforms from sweet and sexy to an animal, but a hot one. He becomes bossy and dominant and foul mouthed (still in a sexy way) and Mary loves it, she pretty much submits. 

Frankie Knuckles (insert heart eyes emoji here), I love when animals feature in stories, and quite heavily. He’s near enough a full on character with his little personality and he made me giggle in places. 

Hail Mary is narrated by both Mary and Jimmy alternating with each chapter. It is quite a fast paced story with short chapters, so you hear a lot from each character and their perspectives and thoughts and feelings. The writing is creative, easy to understand and creates great imagery in your head of the storyline and what you imagine the characters to look like.

I maybe would of liked a little more action, maybe Jimmy having a fight with his brother or an intense showdown between Mary and her ex, this is just my opinion and doesn’t make the story any less brilliant, I just love a good fight scene ha ha. 

Hail Mary is a sexy, fun, easy little read, right through to the adorable epilogue Nicola Gifts us with. Great writing once again from Nicola Rendell.

Sweet Score


 About The Author

Nicola Rendell writes dirty, funny, erotic romance. She likes a stiff drink and a well-frosted cake. She is at an unnamed Ivy and prefers to remain mostly anonymous for professional reasons. She has a PhD in English and an MFA in Creative Writing from schools that shall not be named here. She loves to cook, sew, and play the piano. She realizes that her hobbies might make her sound like an old lady and she’s totally okay with that. She lives with her husband and her dogs. She is from Taos, New Mexico.


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