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Heart Breaker By Cole Saint Jaimes Review

Posted on Aug 18, 2015 by in Release Day Blitz, review |

HeartBreaker Book Cover HeartBreaker
HeartBreaker #1
Cole Saint Jaimes
Self Published
18th August 2015




Get high.

Sounds like the perfect day to Aidan Callahan. As second-born son to Chicago’s most influential business owner, Aidan’s life has always been about responsibility. Tradition. Toeing the goddamn line. Just do as you’re told, Aidan. Don’t make waves.

Well, screw that. Riding waves is way more fun than making them.

Hawaii is paradise on earth. Smoking hot women. Tiny bikinis. As far as Aidan’s concerned, wild horses couldn’t drag him kicking and screaming back to the windy city. Or at least that’s what he thought.

When his brother crashes his Mercedes, killing himself on impact, Aidan finds himself next in line to the Callahan fortune and all the ties that come with it.

And this time there’s no getting out of it.


A warm bed.

A steady job.

A brother who loves her.

For Essie Gray, life’s been one hard kick in the teeth after another. With her parents both dead, her brother is her only living relative. That is until Vaughn’s truck is written off, his life snatched away by the careless actions of a rich playboy in a flashy sports car.

Now, the only thing that will bring Essie peace is revenge. She must take what was taken from her. Only when the name Callahan has been wiped from the face of the earth forever will she be able to start living again.

Of course, the new head of the Callahan Corporation isn’t what she expected. Aidan’s sexy and sad, and just as damaged as she is. Will she be able to distance herself enough to accomplish her goal?

After all, ruining a man’s really hard when you find yourself falling for him…

HeartBreaker teaser

What I Thought


Well as his debut novel, I say massive round of applause to Cole Saint Jaimes. I loved it! Straight away the cover and the synopsis pulled me in, and the actual story kept me right in there!!

So straight off the bat, we start off with a very steamy few sentences in the prologue. Essie and Aiden sleeping together for possibly the last time. Then we had back five years, to hear the story of why.

Essie Floyd is in a good place right now, her and her older brother, Vaughn, have just moved into their own place, which is a huge accomplishment for them both to have achieved. After a rough upbringing after their mum died after giving birth to Essie, meaning her dad couldn’t stand to really even look at her, she was pretty much raised by her brother and their elderly neighbour. So something as simple as her brother bringing them home a Christmas tree, makes Essie smile so damn hard!

Aiden is currently living in Hawaii. Spending his time teaching people to surf, drinking and hooking up with tourists. Enjoying life. So when his brother Alex calls to inform him that their father is retiring and he needs to come home to help run the family business, The Callahan Corporation, Aiden pretty much laughs in his face. The conversation quickly turns heated ending with Aiden telling his brother he would like him to “fuck off and die” and hanging up on him.

Much to Aiden’s shock this actually happens. Driving home from a party, Alex falls asleep at the wheel, crashing through the central reservation straight in to an oncoming truck, killing himself, his parents and the driver of the truck. The driver of the truck turns out to be Essie’s brother. Now Aiden has no choice but to return home to Chicago as the family business and everything else has all been left to him.

Essie is so lost without her brother, Vaughn. How is she meant to manage without him, they have always been a team. As she goes along to the funeral home to start arranging her brothers memorial, she soon discovers she is no where near being able to afford it. She runs out of there and breaks down. At home she receives a call from the Callahan family lawyer saying that they want to help by paying the funeral costs. Essie is instantly insulted and angry. This was all their fault in the first place. She quickly declines. After a call to the funeral home, she doesn’t get anywhere with asking for the cost to be brought down and she quickly realises, if she is to give her brother the memorial he deserves, she will have to accept the offer of Callahan money to pay for it.

The day of the funeral arrives, both funerals just happen to be on the same day, Essie and Aiden see each other for the very first time, whilst both standing over the graves of their family. Essie instantly feels anger and hate and vows revenge on the Callahan name!

So what will happen next. What will Aiden do with a family business he has never had any interest in and what measures would Essie take to destroy the remaining Callahan, in business and in name?

Well…….hot damn…….after getting all hot under the collar from the prologue this book only seduces you more. It sucks you in majorly. No holds barred here. It’s raw and direct and the storyline is intense. I loved it.

For being a short story, it is full to the brim, not giving you a choice but to read it in one sitting.  It’s in the male and female perspective, which only heightens the intensity of the storyline being in the heads of both Aiden and Essie. I could almost feel their differing emotions and just wanted to jump into the book and give them both huge hugs, and then bang their heads together. Especially towards the end.

Yes…….towards the end, I then wanted to bang Cole’s head, giving us an immensly hot sexual scene, like really hot,  to then make me wait for book #2 to find out what happens next.  Good job I really enjoyed the book and I want to know how it follows on, that’s all I have to say Mr Saint Jaimes ha ha.

On a serious note though, I did thoroughly enjoy this story and with this being a debut novel, I see a very successful writing career ahead for you. Thank you for an exciting read 🙂


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