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His Confession by S Valentine Release and Review

Posted on Feb 19, 2016 by in Promotion, Release Day Blitz, review |


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SERIES NAME: The Black Door trilogy.

GENRE: Erotic romance.

RELEASE DATE: 16/02/16

PUBLISHER: Limitless Publishing


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When Gabriella Woods finds matches from a gentlemen’s club in her fiancé’s pocket, her suspicions require a search for answers. At the club, she realizes it’s not her fiancé’s fidelity that can’t be trusted… It’s her own. Darion Milano is daring, intriguing, and unpredictable… Unable to get him out of her head—and against Darion’s explicit warning—Gabi begins a torrid affair. No longer fighting the urge to enter the depth of his dark and mysterious lifestyle, she indulges in his most intimate desires. They become the most exciting, wild, infatuated couple everybody knows. Until his confession changes everything… Her heart is telling her to stay. Her instinct is telling her to run. She can never match his outrageous ex-wife and become the fun, fearless woman he craves… Or can she? Discover a world of sex, secrets, and seduction.

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What I Thought

When Sophia noticed I like to read about a bad boy whilst on my blog, then proceeded to tell me I would love her character Darion Milano and would I like to read and review His Confession, I was like…….Boy yes do I! 

Gabriella Woods is stuck in a relationship that lacks any real fun and excitement, and after finding some matches to a gentlemans club, is left wondering if said fiance is cheating on her. Deciding she needs to know, Gabby decides to visit the club to try to find out for herself. The last thing Gabby expects is to be pulled in to a higly sexual and exciting world herself. After no one recognises a picture of her fiance, Gabby stays for a drink at the club, intrigued with how luxurious it is, and with the bar tenders/dancers who look to be enjoying themselves. It is here that Gabby has her first encounter with sexy and mysterious Darion Milano. 

The club is now his life. Darion opened the gentleman’s club with his cheating ex, and since they split, it has been his place of solace. The drinking, the partying, the endless flow of willing ladies, stopping him from being alone and thinking about how his ex broke his heart and his trust in ever loving again. Casual hook ups from now on for him. Until Gabby. 

The chemistry between Darion and Gabby is undeniable from the very start. Upon spending more time together, Darion brings out the carefree, exciting side to Gabby. He makes her realise what has been missing from her relationship with her fiance and she eventually breaks the engagement off, with hope that there could be something more with Darion. Gabby knows Darion is holding back, he doesn’t want a label, a relationship. She also knows he is keeping things from her. Darion doesn’t like that he feels vulnerable around Gabby. She is different to his usual hook ups and he is wary of going further. He tries to warn Gabby off from him, she doesn’t listen. 

As time goes on, Darion knows he can’t hold back from Gabby, He needs to reveal his true self.  Can Gabby handle it when Darion confesses all about himself? Or will his confession send her running back to her boring life, pre Darion?

So woah……. This story did not take the turn I expected when I started to read. I did not see the twist coming and it was so exciting to read. Definitely a hot read full of  panty dropping, descriptive sexy times!

This is a story of wanting more, not just coasting through life. Of pushing your inner self, your bounderies and discovering life can be fun. You just need to push a little past the safe and explore. 

Writing from both the male and female point of view, Sophia gives great insight in to the thoughts and feelings of both characters and their inner turmoils. The descriptive writing style of the story helps envision the characters and the setting in your mind and just draws you in, I couldn’t put my Kindle down. This story definitely keeps you on your toes, wondering what is going to happen next.  When I got to the end and realised I have to wait for book #2 for the story to continue, I was both elated and devasted. I need more Darion in my life, right this second, but I am glad we get to have more Darion and Gabby in another book.

This is an excellent debut novel for Sophia Valentine, I can only imagine how hard it is to write erotica and make it seem like real life, Sophia……..your mind created an excellent story in my eyes!! Oh and you fulfilled my imagery of the bad boy role perfectly. Darion is definitely another hot alpha male going on my book boyfriend list! 

Sweet Score

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About The Author Sophia Valentine

S. Valentine grew up in England. Studying English language and literature, as well as law, she worked in a solicitors for many years before moving to Spain. She does however still visit the UK, which in a way, will always be home. Returning to her lifelong passion of writing books, she’s also a weekly columnist for The Ibizan newspaper on: lifestyle and fashion. Her other interests include reading, shopping and a nice glass of wine to shows such as Sons Of Anarchy, Dexter, Gossip Girl and SATC. She’s a social media addict, and loves connecting with new people.

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