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Interview with Ashley Claudy

Posted on Jul 5, 2015 by in Interview |


About Ashley

Ashley Claudy

Ashley Claudy is a mother, wife, teacher, proud UMD Terp, and perpetual learner with a wild imagination fueled by coffee. She’s also an occasional runner, a late night   book junkie, and a daytime dreamer.

She loves to interact with her readers and can be contacted/ found here:


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The Interview


1sweetCharacters often find themselves in a situation they aren’t sure they can get themselves out of. Can you tell us about a time when you found yourself in a situation that was hard to get out of and what did you do?

 This happens a lot to me, but I just plow through. You take one step at a time till you get where you need to be. Once, I stayed up for three day’s straight during finals week to ensure I got all my projects done (I got myself in that tough situation by procrastinating though) and once, on vacation in Hawaii, I made the  poor choice to start walking a lava field in the evening, only to get lost in the dark, to make it worse it started raining, and even worse, in the dark I could see the glow of the lava flowing in the cracks of the ground under my feet– I had gotten way off course! But I just kept walking towards the lights of the park entrance.   


1sweet Are you a person who makes their bed in the morning or do you not see much point?

I straighten the sheets, but not much time or effort is spent tucking things in.  


1sweet What is the One thing you can’t live without?



1sweet If you could have been told one thing, that you weren’t told as a teenager, what would you like to of heard?

No one really knows what they are doing. Everyone is just doing their best, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only way or best way.   


1sweetCan you tell us a joke?

Just read one this morning: 
Dear NASA, 
Your mom thought I was big enough. 

1sweetAre you able to tell us what you are currently writing and what it is about?

I am currently writing Hustle (title may change) It’s a football college romance with some insta- lust and a bunch of drama and secrets and some really hot players!  


1sweetWhy did you choose to write in your particular genre?

I love the New Adult age, that time in life when you are just breaking out on your own, but still have a lot to learn about yourself and life.  


1sweetWhat made you sit down and actually start writing?

I had always talked about writing a book *one day*, and then an event happened that made me realize time isn’t always a given and my *one day* had to happen today.  


1sweetDo you have any interesting writing quirks?

I have gotten really flexible about writing and have learned to adapt writing whenever and wherever I can, but if given the luxury of time, I prefer to run and then write first thing in the morning. Running really gets my ideas going!  


1sweetWhat is one of the most surprising things you have learnt whilst writing?

I think I was most surprised that I could actually do it! After I finished my first book, I was just amazed that it all came together. I’m also really amazed that new ideas and stories keep coming!   


1sweetHow do you feel about Ebook VS print books?

I love the  accessibility of the ebook. I take my phone with me everywhere and always have an ebook I am reading. BUT when it comes to a book I love, I have to get the paperback, even if I only read it on my kindle. I need the paperback in my hands and on my shelf.  


1sweetIs there one subject you would never write about as an author? If so what is it?

I never say never. But… I don’t like to write about cancer, I may have it touch my characters in some way because it touches so many in real life– but I don’t think I will ever make that a main story line.  



Can you leave us with any advice for any aspiring writers out there?

Three things:
1. Read and write a lot– while reading and writing, think about what it is you                               like and don’t like about it. 
2. Push some boundaries– let it get uncomfortable, let it get personal. 
3. Have fun– enjoy your accomplishments, enjoy your time writing!

Thank you for participating in the interview Ashley 🙂


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