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Interview with Taylor Lavati

Posted on Oct 15, 2015 by in Interview |

About Taylor






Taylor Lavati is the twenty-four year old author of the bestselling fantasy trilogy, A Curse Books. She also writes contemporary romances, such as A Reliant Love and For The Love of Ash.  More books under her name can be found under the “BOOKS” tab.

Raised in a small Connecticut town, Taylor now works locally, writing in her free time. She loves to read–the author who most inspires her: Jodi Picoult. 

She’s a Gemini to the core. She married in August 2014, and has a pretty little fur-baby. She was on the varsity Ice Hockey team in high school. She performed dance at various arenas, like Disney World Epcot center and Madison Square Garden. And she’s probably the most competitive person on the face of the earth (especially when playing video/board games with her husband).

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                                                                                    The Interview


1sweet  Who was your favourite spice girl and why?


I love this question! My cousins and I actually were Spice Girls and had costumes and did our hair just like them in weird buns and braids. I was the only blonde so I was Baby Spice. But I didn’t mind since she had the most fun!


1sweet  What 3 items would you take to a desert island other than food and water?


I’m going to assume there’s no electricity otherwise I’d grab my kindle. But I would bring a notebook, super big pencil, and a pillow.


1sweet  Have you ever googled yourself?


I google myself all the time! It helps me find blogs that have written about my books and new reviews I may have missed otherwise. I probably google myself once a week!


1sweet  What makes you angry?


Lots of things! I get particularly mad when I drive. I just really hate not being in control and when people drive crazy i get so angry! I play a lot of video games, too, so I get mad at my team and scream into the mic. What else? Oh! I ran out of coffee at my house the other day and I’m pretty sure I was in a bad mood the entire day. I can be happy, too! Promise!


1sweet  Which two celebrities would you choose to be your parents and why?


That’s actually surprisingly hard. I’d probably want someone like Ben Stiller for a dad because he’s hilarious. Maybe Adam Sandler, although I heard he’s kind of a jerk. For a mom, maybe Jennifer Gardner. I’ve always loved her and I think she’s just really down to earth. But that’s just off the top of my head!


1sweet  Are you able to say anything about what you are curently working on?


Sure! I just announced about a week ago that I’m working on a sequel to my novel, For The Love of Ash. Everyone begged me for months to have a follow up with secondary characters, and it’s happening. The one I’m working on now is titled For The Love of Hockey and it follows Lindsay and Finn. I’m also writing The Last Legacy: Season Two.  But I’m really inspired by FTLOH so I’m putting a lot of time into that one.


1sweet  What is your favourite part of a book?


The beginning. I actually find my momentum fall out when I’m reading a book and getting close to the end. A lot of times I skip the ending all together. I know, that’s so bad. But the beginning it’s completely unknown. You don’t know the characters yet or what they’re going through. The beginning there’s so much magic and anticipation. It rocks!


1sweet   Is writing easy for you?


Sometimes. And sometimes it really stinks. The days I feel passionate and write like crazy are “easy” because I’m in a rhythm and getting work done. And then when I’m stuck on a character or plot, it’s a lot of work. The editing part of writing is the worst. It’s a lot of work and time and meticulous going through storylines and such. I have an editor and I still dread it!


1sweet  Do you have any strange writing habits?


I have to write in the silence. I don’t know if that’s weird or my self-diagnosed ADD, but I cannot focus if anyone’s in the room or watching me or if the TVs on. I know a lot of friends write with music playing, but it’s too much for me. Complete silence is the only way I can get words on paper. BUT for editing, I watch The Office while I edit. Every single book I’ve done it, and now I’m scared not to.


1sweet  Do you, or would you, use your OWN experiences in a story?


No. I mean, I’m sure experiences and situations self-conciously work their way into the story, but I try really hard not to draw from personal experience for main aspects of a story. Especially characters. I really enjoy crafting brand new people. Sometimes I sit in a mall or something and watch people and take certain characteristics or habits from them. I think that’s what helps make them more real.


1sweet  How do you manage to write an effective synopsis that makes people want to read your book?


It’s hard! I really hate writing blurbs. I start with writing a synopsis of the entire book and then thin it out over and over until it’s about a paragraph or two long. Blurbs are so hard because you want to draw people in, but you can’t really say too much because you can’t give away the entire story. I like to start with a tag line that shows a general theme of the book.


1sweet  What made you decide to sit down and actually start writing a book?


My first book I ever wrote hasn’t even been published. But that book came to me in a dream and I just decided to write the dream down. I thought it was really cool. The book has witches and a spirit animal. It’s actually really awesome. One day I may go back and finish it, but not any time soon. But once I wrote the first book, I realized I could actually do it, and then I did it again and again and again.


1sweet  Do you read much? If so, what are your favourite genre’s and who are your favourite authors?


I really try to read a lot, especially in between my book releases, but it’s hard! My favorite genre ever to read is paranormal. I love being put in new worlds with creatures and fun elements. I love Jessica Sorensen and Addison Moore. I also like reading New Adult, but the genre is so packed it’s hard to find good books! Cora Carmack and Colleen Hoover are my favorites in that genre.


1sweet  Is there one subject you would never write about as an author? If so what is it?


I don’t think so. I like to think I’m willing to go wherever the ideas take me. That being said, I don’t really know much about crime dramas or thrillers, so I probably would be very reluctant to write one. I love reading them, but it would probably be a disaster since I know no terminology. Subject wise, I’ll write anything.


1sweet   What advice would you give to any aspiring writers out there?


Just write. I know it sounds so stupid because it’s the most basic response, but it’s true. If you write, you’ll get where you want to be. I like to shoot for at least 1,000 words every single day. Of course most days you get more, but if you make time to write every day, your mind and body will get used to it and it will turn into routine. Once your in a rhythm, you probably won’t get writer’s block and most likely, you’ll be able to write more. It’s about dedicating yourself and making the time.


Thank you for participating in the inerview Taylor 🙂



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