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Naked Choke by Vanessa Vale Review

Posted on Jan 12, 2017 by in review |

Naked Choke Book Cover Naked Choke
Vanessa Vale
11th January 2016

Trapped at the bar during her best friend’s engagement party, Emory finds herself with Mr. Dud and his obnoxious pick-up lines. That is, until sexy Grayson Green steps in to rescue her. She’s been out of the game so long that she’s practically a dating virgin. With her son off to college and her husband now an ex, Emory is learning how to be not a wife, not a mom, but a single woman. What she doesn’t anticipate is falling—hard and fast—for a dominate, alpha male.

Grayson Green’s an MMA champion, used to working hard and playing harder. He spent years in the limelight where fast times and fast women were easy to come by. Women just want to screw him and men want to be friends with the infamous Green Machine. The appeal is gone and he steps out of the ring to make some changes and get control of his life. He runs his own gym and is a trainer for the next champ. All the training in the world can’t save him from the one-two punch of meeting Emory. She’s different. She has no idea who he is…and she wants him anyway. She’s everything he never knew he ever wanted and he’s going to do whatever it takes to keep her.

Gray convinces Emory that there are no games with him, that he wants to take care of her, protect her, and pleasure her until she can’t see straight. But not everything from his past are championship belts and sponsorship deals. He’ll have to protect her from the one thing he can’t control. Gray will do anything to keep Emory because he knows that winning in the cage is nothing compared to winning her heart.


What I Thought


A story based on not just looks but attraction, that draw, wanting more from the other and suceeding. Right from the start, each character said about the other that they weren’t the best looking around, although still attracted to each other, this is rarely something you read in Romance. Their attraction started from more than how the other looked.

We start off with Emory, at her best friend Christy’s engagement party, bored out of her skull, as the groom to be’s cousin tries to hit on her. As he tries to take it further, by trying to take her home, her ex MMA fighter in shining armour arrives to save her from his clutches, Grayson Green.

Gray noticed Emory as soon as he walked into the restaurant, he instantly knew she was different to his usual bed hopping ladies. Straight off the bat, Gray wanted more with Emory. He wants something meaningful.  After a few foot in mouth comments from them both, and a few do overs, Gray asks Emory to go watch his game of rugby so he can see her again. Gray can tell Emory is wary and that he needs to take his time.

Emory is a divorced mother of one, not looking for a relationship, but they do say it happens when you are least expecting it or not looking for it. The fact that Emory doesn’t know how famous Gray is, is a bonus for him. Gray knows she isn’t around him for money or notoriety.

Unexpectedly, time seems to move fast for these guys. Numerous circumstances throw them together, so they are there for each other, and this only helps feelings to quickly develop. We are treated to a heartbreaking childhood resurfacing, independence, intense sexual chemistry, mafia, break-ins and an unexpected twist. But is this so much more, too much for Emory and Gray?

Vanessa has written Naked Choke from the male and female perspective which I found intriguing as the characters in this story are older than in the romance novels I usually read. It is quite fast paced but despite that the story flows from one instance to the next smoothly. The writing is descriptive, helping to envision the story in your head, especicially how I imagine Gray to look 😉

I had mixed emotions about this book. It had all the elements to be a really amazing book. With it being a short novel, things I felt were needed, like elaboration in places were withheld. I wish it had been a full length novel so the key points to the story could of been more in-depth.

I struggled with my scoring on this review between three and four sweets. I went with the four as I thought the writing was good and the storyline had huge potential for me. 

This story is a quick and easy read, that I managed to finish in one sitting.


Sweet Score

4 sweets



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