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Neighbors With Benefits Review

Posted on Jun 25, 2015 by in review |

Neighbors With Benefits (Entangled Lovestruck) Book Cover Neighbors With Benefits (Entangled Lovestruck)
Anderson Brothers #2
Marissa Clarke
June 30, 2015

Love thy sexy jerk of a neighbor... CEO Michael Anderson might be something of a "control freak." Still, he's not quite sure why his therapist thinks dogsitting will fix anything?especially since he and the canine share a kind of mutual loathing. And to make matters worse, a house sitter moves in next door disrupting his peace-and his dates-with the worst possible music at the worst possible time... every time. Free-spirited artist Mia Argaropolis has settled into the perfect gig-housesitting in NYC's Upper West Side while working as an art therapist. Too bad she's stuck living next door to a bossy control freak with a penchant for calling building security when she blasts music to drown out the noises coming through his bedroom wall. Post-apocalyptic dinner rolls that nearly take her kitchen with them, a douchebag ex, and a Shih Tzu with the personality of Godzilla attack Mia in one day, and her unlikely neighbor comes to the rescue. Like it was her fault. And now, somehow, they find themselves engaged? Both agree, this neighborly feud just got taken to a whole new level.

What I Thought


This is a story of a male and female, who are complete opposites to each other, in every way possible, transporting from enemies, to a fake relationship, to lovers, without your usual cliches and insta-love. It’s slow built throughout the book and super witty 🙂

Mia is a free spirited artist who flits from place to place, house or pet sitting, with no real roots laid down in one place anymore. Michael is a sexy, dominant, CEO, control freak who likes order, predictability and routines. Clancy is a dog 🙂 He’s staying with Michael for a while as part of his therapy to try to loosen up. Clancy likes to rip pillows to pieces, chew on things and likes everyone except for Michael.

Imagine Michael’s frustration at having his routine disturbed by loud pounding music each night. His constant calls to report it to security don’t appear to be making a difference. Mia is on her last warning from the owner of the apartment. One more call from security and she is out. It’s not her fault she has to pump her music loudly to drown out her neighbours ‘activities’ with his lady friends.

After nearly setting fire to the apartment, nearly flooding it and having a loud, heated altercation with her ex, Mia is asked to leave. Michael feels guilty after speaking to Mia quite harshly and knowing a lot of them calls to security were his doing. He also see’s an opportunity to regain his routine. Allow Mia a place to stay and pretend to be her fiance at her friend’s wedding, to get back at her ex, in exchange for watching Clancy the dog in the evenings so he can get back to his routines and orderly life style.

What do you get when two people, who are complete opposites of each other, are confined together? A lot LESS routine and a lot MORE mess and frustration. Maybe a little bit of fun, growing attractions and feelings thrown in there to.

Neighbors With Benefits is a light, witty, fun read that is a real page turner. It’s a book you will read in one sitting.

I love how Clancy, the dog, appears to be an actual character in the book with his own personality. He actually does play a big role in the story and Marissa Clarke gets a huge round of applause from me for how Clancy is written. You may think……..”an animal with a role in a story……..what?!”  but he was worked in well and is actually quite funny in some of his interactions with Michael.

The other secondary characters in the book also added a fun element. Michael’s brothers making fun of him and the queen b’s at the home where Mia worked. Oh my god…….they had me in stitches! Some of the things they came out with, you wouldn’t expect from little old ladies and I found myself wishing I had a gran like that 🙂

It really is a fun book to read, from beginning to end. It’s a story that brings across the points of being true to yourself, letting go and allowing yourself to sometimes just ‘be’. To go with the flow and to just allow whats going to happen to just…….happen.

If you love a good romance, this is definitely a must read book for you! It is the second book in the Anderson Brothers series and can be read as a stand alone, although after reading it, like me, you will be straight off buying book #1.

Marissa Clarke has a wonderful writing style, despite it being a quick read, it’s not rushed in any way. She has a quirky writing style and is very attentive to her characters, even the secondary characters, including the dog 🙂


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