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Never Let Me Go

Posted on May 16, 2015 by in review |

Never Let Me Go Book Cover Never Let Me Go
Jennifer Haymore
Adult Fiction, Erotica
Samhain Publishing
June 3, 2014
Kindle Edition

Sometimes following your ambitions means losing your heart. When Celeste McMillan graduated from college, she hit the ground running, prepared to overcome every challenge and climb the corporate ladder at record-breaking speed. But then a client assaults her, and her boss forces her to take a ten-day “vacation” in Hawaii. Kanoe Anakalea is intrigued when he meets the pale-skinned, redheaded haole on his favorite surfing beach. Celeste is intelligent and adventurous, sexy and sweet. Even though sun, sand and sexy surfers are as foreign to Celeste as the L.A. corporate world is to Kanoe, their sexual chemistry sizzles. As they spend sun-warmed days and plumeria-scented nights in each other’s arms, they find themselves falling hard. Yet love is out of the question. Kanoe is rooted in his island home, and Celeste’s future beckons in L.A. As the clock ticks down, Celeste realizes that letting go might be the greatest challenge she’s ever had to face. This book was previously released as 10 Days in Paradise by Dawn Halliday. It has been revised and re-edited. Warning: Contains a combustible situation near a volcano; steamy scenes on beaches and in lava pools; hints of voyeurism, exhibitionism and bondage; and some very creative uses of a surfboard.

What I Thought


Celeste is on the fast track, wanting to become a partner at the firm where she works. After being hit on by a client and responding by slapping him in the face, he becomes angry and threatens to take his business elsewhere. Celeste is forced to take vacation time so her boss can smooth the situation over. She ends up in Hawaii, where she meets hot surfer, Kanoe. The two realise there is a connection and serious attraction that neither wants to admit to the other, fearing it is one sided. Spending time with Kanoe makes Celeste realise she hasnt been happy. Kanoe usually steers clear of mainlanders, but there is just something about Celeste.

I did really enjoy this book. The character development was great. In the beginning the use of Hawaiian lingo was slightly confusing but I soon picked up what was meant and came to enjoy it. The steamy scenes were hot! They weren’t rushed, they were descriptive and you could almost feel the connection whilst reading them. You are drawn into the romance in the story and not even half way through I was hoping for a certain ending for Kanoe and Celeste. An ending I got!!

Whilst I was very happy with the ending, an epilogue would of been good. Just to see how they both adapted to the big changes in their lives.


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