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Rage By Kaylee Song Review

Posted on Jul 20, 2015 by in review |

Rage Book Cover Rage
Fire And Steel #1
Kaylee Song
MC Romance
Hardy Editing and Publishing
28th May 2015

Death. That's all Fire and Steel M.C. brings Layla. A trail of death and destruction that leave her completely ravaged. She moved a thousand miles to escape the brutality and vengeance of the club, but she was forged in the club and never as free as she believed...

When her brother is murdered death brings her right back into the clutches of the M.C. and under the watchful of Cullen "Rage" McFadden, her first love.

Can she resist the temptation he represents, or will he drag her down into his world one more time?

What I Thought


So this is only the second MC Romance book I have read and I think it is a genre I could really get into. The gorgeous, alpha male men, dominating and claiming their women. It sounds like it should be disrespectful maybe, but it doesn’t go that far, it’s just hot!

I really enjoyed book #1 in the Fire And Steel Motorcycle Series. Rage AKA Cullen Mcfadden, is the short tempered, brooding, hot bodied Vice President for the club. Layla Mckenna despises the club. She has lost her mother and father through it. Layla and Cullen were each other’s first everythings! One day when Cullen lost his temper and badly beat a lad at school unconcious, Layla became scared of him and what he could do. Mixed with her father’s death, she felt she had to get away from the violent life of the club. So at fifteen she got away. Went to live in Chicago with an aunt. Not once returning to the club…….Until she had no choice…….She had to return for her brother’s funeral.

Cullen is set for revenge on whoever killed Layla’s brother, his best friend, Sean. War is declared when a rival gang start bragging about killing Sean. Bones, the motorcycle club president, says Layla is not safe on her own, with the killers still out there and tells her she she has to remain under the protection of the club. The safest place to stay being Cullen’s house that he shared with Sean. Layla is not happy but she knows she has no choice, she has to stay. She is also given a job as an accountant at the clubs garage. She is shocked when she first see’s the house. It’s everything she always said she wanted with the vegetable and herb garden, and a kitten (named Killer). Sean did this for her, always trying to entice her home and it is overwhelming.

Plans are set in motion to destroy the rival gang that killed Sean. The club joining together with a rival gang, protecting them during drug running. To take business from Hound’s Breath, the gang that admitted to killing Sean. Even going so far as to start working with the Irish mob, the main suppliers of the drugs.

Layla is pulled into the deal with the drug supplier, to work sorting his accounts for a month. Cullen assumes Bones will go crazy when he finds out but very very suprisingly he is fine with it.

Throughout the story, Cullen and Layla realise their love for each other never faded, but at first, they both fight against it. There are a few stolen kisses, but each time, one of them pulls back. Cullen feels jealous and possessive whenever he see’s other men looking at Layla. It soon comes to a head and Cullen claims Layla as his “Ol’ Lady”.

“What the hell are you—-” I didn’t have a chance to finish my sentence, I was in the air before I could protest.

He lifted me up and put me over his shoulder like a caveman. Just like he had that woman the other day.

“Put me down” I shouted, outraged and a little scared.

“She is mine. I claim her. This is my ol’ lady. No one else will touch her, do you understand?” He growled out each and evey word as he said them, shouting across the bar.

So will Cullen and Layla get revenge and retribution for what happened to Sean, or is all not as it seems within the Fire And Steel Motorcycle Club?

Kaylee’s use of Pittsburghese, gives the story an authentic feel. It’s written in the male and female perspective with complex and straight to the point context and dialogue. I read a lot of sex scenes in books that just seem cheesey or over the top or rushed but I feel Kaylee did them justice. With great pace, length and description.

Cullen and Layla’s feelings towards each other felt intense. Fighting the pull towards each other, it made for great reading, but at first I kept screaming in my head ” Just get it together already!” How the slow build back to a relationship progressed worked perfectly with the pace of the book. I’m just a little impatient sometimes ha ha.

I loved the clubs terminology for cars, calling them cages, showing their dislike for them. It was like a Fire and Steel Motorcycle Club “thing.”

There’s nothing really that I disliked about the book, if I had to say something, I would have to say it’s Cullens use of “baby girl” for Layla. This is just a personal dislike of that pet name though 🙂

I loved this start to the series and cant wait to read book #2, which I just happen to have, ready and waiting 🙂


Sweet score


4 sweets


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