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Straight from the Heart by Breigh Forstner Review

Posted on May 29, 2016 by in review |

Straight from the Heart Book Cover Straight from the Heart
Straight from the Heart #1
Breigh Forstner
New adult. Contemporary romance
13th July 2014

This is a story about a girl discovering and experiencing life for the first time.
Bryn Schaefler grew up rich. Her parents expected the best out of her, picked her boyfriend for her, and groomed her to be the next trophy wife fresh out of High School.
But when they discover she wants to pursue music instead of following in her mothers footsteps, they wanted to hear nothing about it.
That was when Bryn left for good.
By chance, she auditioned for main stream rock band Everlasting. Never in a million years did she think she would make it.

Cale Pelton knew it was his fault for the band scrambling around to find a new guitarist. Once he saw Bryn audition, he knew he had to have her. Not just in the band, but in his mind, body and soul.

This is the first book in the Straight from the Heart series. Follow Cale and Bryn as she goes on her first tour, and discovers there's so much more to her than she ever realized.


What I Thought

So this is a tricky review for me to write really. I so want to big up this book, it has the makings of a great story for me, as soon as I read the synopsis, I was like ” I have to read this book”! My thoughts and feelings on it though are just so torn. Here is a quick overview of the story to begin. 

Bryn Schaefler feels like her home life is a prison. she is miserable. Degraded at all opportunities, even beaten if she dared to defy her parents. She was treated like a show toy around people and behind closed doors was shown no love. There is a big confrontation, when at 18, Bryn decides she is leaving home to pursue a career in music. A slap to the face from her mum seals the deal, and off she goes. 

Bryn finds refuge with the Lozano family who offer her a job and a place to stay. Lou Lozano, who has been more like a mum to Bryn than her own, gives her a flyer for auditions being held for a replacement band member. She has to pluck up a lot of courage, but eventually Bryn goes along and auditions. She is totally shocked when later that evening she receives a call to say they want her in the band and she is to meet with the lead singer the next day to get the what’s what and plan rehearsals ahead on going on tour. 

Cale, the lead singer from Everlasting is your typical sexy guy in a band, who can have whatever lady he wants. He is a take what he wants sort of guy and doesn’t usually hold back. There is an instant connection between Bryn and Cale. They want each other. Pure and simple. Bryn wont allow it though. She doesn’t want to mess up her opportunity to be in the band or make things awkward on the tour. 

So after loads of rehearsing, where things are changed up and Bryn is going to be singing alongide Cale, the band are off on tour. How long though can Bryn fight her attraction towards Cale before she gives in? And what dramas could arise along the way whilst touring? Hmmmmm……quite a few actually!!

So as I said above, I am torn about this book. It seemed like my kind of story. Great storyline, it just fell a little flat with a lack of detail and emotion. It seemed quite monotone, maybe writing from a male and female point of view would of helped that, instead of the story just being from the female point of view like Straight from the Heart was. 

I couldn’t seem to connect with the characters much in this story, again that could just be from a lack of detail, it just didn’t flow easily for me. Like I said the plot had some good storylines, but they seemed rushed. Lacking. 

Breigh Forstner had some great ideas for this book, if she had input a bit more emotion and was more thorough with details,  had made it a longer story, this so would of been a hit book with me.

Something about this  book has got to me though, because, pre-warning here, this book ends on a cliffhanger, and I am sure feeling like I want to purchase book #2 to continue on and see what happens with the continuation of Bryn and Cale’s story. 

I have gone with 3 stars, or in my blogs case, 3 sweets instead of 2, as I can see the potential this story has, and just because I found it a little lacking, doesn’t mean that you will all agree. This is one that you will need to check out and decide for yourself.


Sweet Score


3 sweets



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