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Their Confession by S Valentine Review

Posted on Apr 3, 2017 by in review |

What I Thought

I feel quite sad that Their Confession is the conclusion to Darion Milano and Gabriella Woods story. I feel like throughout the three book series, I have been along for the ride with these guys, through all of¬†their ups and downs. Witnessing growth, acceptance and forgiveness. I don’t want their series to end ūüôĀ

So Their Confession follows on from Her Confession. Darion has declared his love for Gabi and has decided to sell the club and give up his swinger lifestyle for a future with her. Gabi is ecstatic but as time goes on, she wonders if she and her vanilla lifestyle are enough to keep a guy like Darion around and does what she can to keep things exciting and him interested.

Darion realised, he had never truly been in love until Gabi, even with his ex wife Eva. Gabi is more than enough for him, but he is keeping something from Gabi, something he fears it will break them and that he will lose her for good.

Gabi knows there is something going on with Darion, at first thinking that he is regretting the sale of The Black Door and the lifestyle it afforded him, but then she starts noticing text messages on his phone and that he seems preoccupied and her mind goes crazy thinking of what he could be up to. The secret is a true test to their relationship, a real shock and a huge twist. Are Gabi and Darion strong enough both together and separate to handle it or will it be the game changer that destroys them and alters their lives completely?

Their Confession switches from present to future once or twice. We start off in the present, the confession about to be told, then just before it comes out, we flash back to a few months before to witness the build up of what is to come. Once we are back to the point of the confession being revealed, the story then follows on with its reactions and repercussions.

I only gave a brief review¬†of the plot so I didn’t give too much away, but Their Confession starts straight off with drama that has your heart in your throat for the characters and it keeps you on your toes throughout the whole story, beginning to end. It is written from Darion and Gabi’s perspective, providing insight into each of their thoughts, insecurities and their¬†worries. I was glad we had dual point of view, this way I totally understood Darion’s actions and words, if we weren’t able to read from his mind-set also, I may of ended up¬†starting to dislike¬†that sexy guy.

The chapters seemed to pass quite quickly giving the story a feel of being faster paced, which is awesome because the suspense just builds and builds and you just want to know what the confession is, and how it affects people, and if Darion and Gabi have a future together or not, so many wants in one go.

As with the whole¬†The Black Door Trilogy, the erotica is on point. Its descriptive and exciting, none of it feels samey or boring¬†or makes you want to by pass it. As well of reading a whole lot of HOT in these scenes, you are also feeling the intensity of each characters feelings with their want for each other. Sophia Valentine definitely has a great skill for writing the erotica. ¬†The whole series is a great combination of just the right amount of erotica mixed in to a great back story and plot, so it doesn’t just feel like you are reading about a whole lot of sex and nothing else. It doesn’t feel repetitive, each sexual encounter feels exciting and passionate.

As written in the beginning of my review, the changes and the growth of Gabi and Darion, along with one or two of the secondary characters is evident and throughout book #3 it made my heart very happy. I have loved both Darion and Gabi throughout the whole series. Even though Gabi loves all thing fashion and enjoys a good pamper and lifestyle, she doesn’t come across as an entitled character with it, I still get a down to earth feeling from her. Darion, sexy sexy Darion, well our bad boy has a secret softy side and I love it when I discover this about as bad boy character. I felt for him throughout the series, I felt a sadness about him, but it¬†turned out, all he needed was the love of a beautiful woman. He is a successful guy but he isn’t obnoxious in the slightest.

This series keeps you guessing. It is full of suspense, twists, heartache, insecurity, sexy times, adoration, excitement¬†and hope. A real roller coaster of a series that captivates you and doesn’t let you go until you hit the end of book #3, even then you don’t want to be let go. I think Darion and Gabi could keep me hooked and reading about them infinitely. This series has a plot that is well developed with believable characters. I definitely recommend that you add this series to your collections.

Their Confession is a very satisfying and¬†gripping conclusion to Darion and Gabi’s story. I love Sophia and her writing. She has brought us an awesome series to read in The Black Door Trilogy, and being a part of her author group on Facebook, I feel like I have also developed a friendship with an author I will continue to follow throughout her career.

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