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Wed To The Bad Boy by Kaylee Song Review

Posted on Dec 28, 2015 by in review |

Wed To The Bad Boy Book Cover Wed To The Bad Boy
Kaylee Song
Contemporary Romance
Hardy Editing and Publishing

I never wanted a wife, but now that I have Joanna, I can't let her go...


I was a cold-hearted bastard dedicated to running the company. A good one-night stand was better than any relationship, but Jo rocked my world and brought me to my knees.

Then her uncle, the crime king of the East-Coast, forced me to marry her. Now she's stuck with me and I'm the last thing she needs.

But I can't stop wanting her.


My life was perfect. Planned. Until I met Greyson. He tricked me into sleeping with him, but I didn't expect to fall for him, or to get pregnant by him.

Now I'm his property and I can't get away.

He's such a f*cking monster, and I can't help but want him.

What I Thought


If you look back over past posts on the blog, you will see that I am a big fan of Kaylee Song’s work. I have read and reviewed a few of her books that have been published on the blog, so when the opportunity arose to receive an advanced readers copy of Wed To The Bad Boy, I was very eager to accept. Also any book that has the words Bad Boy in the title also get the thumbs up from me. You know I love a bad boy in my books. And well…… What a bad boy Greyson Fitzgerald was indeed!! 

Greyson is a self proclaimed monster, the work he has to do whilst working for his father James Fitzgerald within the mob, well…..let’s just say he has alot of blood on his hands. Greyson is a ladies man. Likes his independance. A love ’em and leave ’em type of guy, rarely ever going back for seconds. So whilst being subjected to a beating, ordered for him by his father, his eyes land on Jo O’Brien. 

Quiet, mousy Jo O’Brien wants nothing to do with the lifestyle her family is involved with. She wants to be left alone in her crappy little apartment to finish graduate school. Due to her father being a drunken gambler that lent money from The Fitzgerald’s, then being unable to pay it back, Jo is working his debt off by working for them, doing as they tell her. Whilst mixing drinks for members of the mob, she cannot take her eyes off of Greyson, even whilst being beaten and bloody, she still thinks he is the sexiest man she has ever seen, but also knows she should stay away. Their families are rivals, no good would come from going anywhere near him!

Greyson has other plans of course, he wants to screw Jo out of his system. At first Greyson doesnt make the connection between her surname and his rivals. For the first time ever for him though, one time with this certain lady is not enough for him. He can’t see even a couple of times being enough. He wants Jo to be his. 

The first time they are seen together by James Fitzgerald and Dennis O’Brien, Jo’s uncle and mob boss, it is clear they are extremely unhappy. James Fitzgerald tells Greyson he now has to marry Jo, to try keep the peace, to try to prevent a war between the two families breaking out. Jo is told by her uncle that she has to marry Grayson to get him information to bring the Fitzgerald’s down, otherwise he will hurt her and her father.  Little do they know, David, Greyson’s half brother, is waiting in the background, lurking, wanting to take everything away from him and to destroy him. 

Are both, Grayson and Jo, willing to do as their families tell them? Could there be anything more between them than just extreme lust? Or is Grayson’s time up?

This story is full to the brim with action, suspense and bucket loads of passion. The lust and attraction between Greyson and Jo is instant and intense. Their sexual encounters are mutually dark but extremely hot. Phew! Very hot under the collar stuff!! 

We see Jo come out of her shell throughout the story, although she does have a slightly mischevious side throughout the story when she is alone with Greyson. Pushing his buttons a little bit. Greyson is a hard a*s. He doesn’t like the vulnerable side that Jo seems to pull out of him when they are together. 

I loved that we got the book from both Greyson and Jo’s points of view, being able to understand the emotion and push and pull from both sides, from two characters that seem like they are the polar opposite of each other, but that actually work together perfectly. The writing is descriptive and edgy. The length of the book is a little shorter than I intially thought, as you are actually treated to two books in one from Kaylee when you purchase Wed To The Bad Boy, so I was a little gutted when I reached the end unexpectedly sooner than I thought ha ha. I wanted more Greyson and Jo! 

Only one thing for me, is that I would of liked a certain fight scene to be a little longer and bloodier but this didnt detract from the book. 

Once again, another excellently written story from Kaylee and I cannot wait to read more of her work. 


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