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Would Like To Meet by Zoe Efstathiou Review

Posted on Aug 27, 2016 by in review |

Would Like To Meet Book Cover Would Like To Meet
Zoe Efstathiou
Romance. New Adult
17th June 2016
Ebook Kindle edition

While sharing a bottle of wine with her flatmate after yet another bad date, Sophia advertises for her perfect man online. He must have a multi-million pound business, the face of Robert Pattinson and the body of Daniel Craig. He must have a fluffy cat and a massive penis. The profile is just a bit of fun, but what happens when a man who meets pretty much all the criteria actually replies? Has Sophia finally met her perfect man, or is he not quite as perfect as he seems? As she uncovers some dark and disturbing secrets, Sophia’s dream man turns out to be her worst nightmare.

A contemporary women's fiction novel set in London, Would Like To Meet.., explores the weird and wonderful world of online dating.

What I Thought

Imperfect is the real perfect! That is what comes to mind after finishing Would Like To Meet.

Sophia Lawrence, wannabe writer, is an expert of all things related to online dating. The names of websites. The best things to write. The best types of photos to use. The only thing she isn’t so great at….. picking great guys to go on dates with.

After sitting through yet another boring date with a dull guy who can’t keep her interest, Sophia is ready to just give up on the whole dating scene. Her best friend and room mate Kate persuades her to give it just one more try on a new dating website that she saw advertised. After much persuasion Sophia joins the new website, Dream Dates, but not taking it as seriously anymore she decides to describe her “perfect” man. From him looking like Robert Pattinson, right down to the size of his man parts.

When contact is made by someone (Daniel Van Zetzenbergen) who meets every criteria Sophia described she can hardly believe it and she was astounded when people around her then began to tell her to be careful and became wary. As things progress fast between Sophia and Daniel she starts to wonder if perfect is really what she wants after all. And if perfect actually even exists.

Would like to Meet is a super fun and easy read and it is a great debut novel for Zoe! I will definitely add her to my authors to follow.

This story gives you a little bit of everything. Humour. Romance. Secrets. Heartbreak. A BIG unexpected twist. All wrapped up into a detailed and lively novel. The story is in first person narration, in Sophia’s words,  and is quite fast paced so you could easily find yourself reading it in one sitting, like me 🙂

It did have me smiling and laughing out loud in places. Like some of the replies from people to Sophia on the dating websites and Daniel cooing and baby talking to his cat. I so totally do that too ha ha!

As your reading you start to think you know what’s going to happen with the characters but then bam…..everything changes. It is so unexpected and I feel that is down to Zoe’s terrific writing skills. She is able to keep you entertained throughout most of the book and then throw a whopper shocker into the mix for us.

The characters are fun and easy to connect with, I can easily imagine how they look in my head and I would love to read more of them. Ted and Sandra and their many hamsters could make for a very humorous read (<– this makes sense when you read the book). 

I am so totally intrigued about a little something written in Zoe’s About the Author section, stating that the story is fiction but it is inspired by her personal experiences of the dating scene. I would love to know if any of those personal experiences are worked into the story. Hmmmm……I feel an author interview coming on 😉

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