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Wrath By Kaylee Song Review

Posted on Jul 21, 2015 by in review |

Wrath Book Cover Wrath
Fire And Steel MC #2
Kaylee Song
MC Romance
6th July 2015

He's the sinner, she's the savior, but can she save him?

Note: This is a Stand Alone Book with an HEA ending.

The Savior

Emma Snow has spent her life fighting to live. The product of a broken home, she clawed her way to independence, but at a cost. Now, in her junior year at a top tier college, she has everything within her grasp. Until she meets him.

Aidan is wild and reckless. Everything she isn’t and everything she should avoid. Her attraction to him is undeniable.

Emma escaped darkness before. Will surrendering to him only trap her again?

The Sinner

Wounded Army Specialist, Aidan Crowne never thought living at home could be this hard. A year into his new life, and he is already spinning out of control. No job, no prospects.

Fire and Steel MC offers him a place at their side. Joining the club means he’ll have to sacrifice everything that makes him human and give into his true nature.

His Wrath.

Is it worth the cost?

Can Emma deny Aidan when she's the only one who might lead him to safety?

What I Thought


After reading Rage, I was looking forward to starting Wrath straight away! I enjoyed book #2 so much more, so now I need book #3, imminently!!

Wrath carries on straight from where Rage finishes.

We start off with Aiden, frustrated after being turned down at yet another job interview because of his disibility. Aiden is a war veteran, he completed nearly three tours in Afghanistan before a car bomb caused him to lose his leg.  So now, even though within a year, he has completely adapted to having a prostetic leg, he is still being turned down for work. Aiden decides to stop at Kats cat house to drown his sorrows and get a little lady action. Whilst there venting to Kat about his frustration, Rage offers him a mechanic job at the clubs garage, saying it’s the least he can do for someone who fought for his country. Aiden accepts.

Aiden knows who he is working for. Members of the Fire and Steel Motorcycle Club. He proves his worth and that he is a hard worker and soon Rage, as club president, is inviting him to hang with the motorcycle club, as a prospect, giving him the name Wrath. Aiden realises this is what has been missing for him, being part of a team, having brothers, a family, so he becomes a prospect. Part of the Fire and Steel Motorcycle Clubs work is protection, Kats cat house being one place they watch over. It’s here that Aiden/Wrath meets Emma.

Emma likes to be fiercely independant. She doesn’t like to accept help and despises pity from people. She needs to pay for college somehow though, so has to accept help from Kat, her family, to be able to pay her way. Emma turned to Kat after her mum was instititionalised in a criminal facility, after trying to sell her daughter to her pimp for drug money.


“You wanna see what I can do?” I asked, grabbing the ingredients to her favourite drink. Tequila sunrises were so nineteen seventies, but they were also Kat. A little bit slutty and a little bit classic.


It’s instant attraction for Aiden and Emma the moment they set eyes on each other. When Emma’s car breaks down, Aiden jumps at the chance to help out. Fixing up the car but also driving Emma around wherever she needs to go. The attraction quickly develops and it’s not long before Emma is Aiden’s girl. The problem…….Emma doesn’t like the motorcycle club. What she thinks it represents and what she thinks they do. When Aiden is patched in, Emma needs to decide, does she love Aiden/Wrath enough to accept his involvement with the club?

Aiden knows Emma doesn’t like the the club, but being involved with them has saved him. She doesn’t understand what they stand for. That they are like family and have each others backs. Can Aiden make Emma see why his loyalty is so strong with the club? On top of her disapproval and it causing slight rifts between them, Aiden is trying to protect Emma from her mums old pimp, Samuel, who has become a serious threat.

Aiden and Emma are just what the other needs. They understand each others issues, they can support each other, their connection to each other can help them recover from their traumatic pasts. Can they overcome Emma’s issues with the motorcycle club, can she deal with him doing life threatening work with them, to be able to be together?

So everything I wrote on my review for Rage stands for Wrath but more! This story is also written from the male and female point of view. The writing style in Wrath seemed more descriptive, it created more imagery in my mind. It did pull me in more, I felt more depth from Aiden and Emma’s relationship, and even though it was a bit up and down, it was in a “will they be able to pass this?” way, with me on the edge of my seat, hoping so. With the concerns coming between them seeming genuine, not childish.

Wrath was an emotional story with so much to overcome for both Aiden and Emma, both lost and wanting to move on.

Wrath tended to focus more on the relationship aspect than Rage did, but don’t worry, there is still plenty of edgy MC action.

The sex scenes…….Hotter!! 🙂

I like how the story followed on with Cullen and Layla from book #1 to. That now that their story has been done, they haven’t been forgotten. They had plenty of interaction within this story. I was hoping the Bones storyline from book #1 would follow on a little more, but I know that’s not done and dusted yet.

Now for an impatient wait for book #3, Thrash, to see how the story follows on.


Sweet Score


4 sweets


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